raccoon's zone!

This web is still being woven. Please don't be surprised if it changes from time to time...

we sure love money don't we folks? haha!!!

raccoon and friends like to live and thrive in this world of ours

^ we need special paper to accomplish the goal(s) stated above!

you might have some of this essential nutrient lying around which. you might have no better thing to do with it to do with than to

so how's about it then??

cool picture

you can send me 1 e-mail to request a custom-built cool picture for five American-Made U.S. Dollars

$5 what a steal!!!

you will ask for a cool picture.

you will describe your desires or you will tell me i can make a picture of anything i damn well please.

you will tell me that i can place the finished picture on my web site, in addition to a short message of your choosing, or you will tell me that i cannot place the picture on my web site at all.

we will furnish a response.

upon payment you will receive within a reasonable amount of time yet another e-mail containing the finished product and possibly a collection of supplementary information.