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This web is still being woven. Please don't be surprised if it changes from time to time...


are you prepared???
for all these links??????

you better be cos theyre commin at ya fast here we go!

wait hold on a sec, whatre these links for? you're asking yourself, feverishly.

these are stuff that are cool or fun or what ever. theyre places you might find some inspiration or enter-tainment from!

Digital Museum of Plugs and Sockets

People for the Ethical Treatment of Reinforcement Learners

Leah's P-shift Method

i'm leaving the corporate web behind

algorithm twitter sucks i love twitter

aethers website animal.html for an animals

KH Insider: Video Game Music

Zophar's Domain for emulation and video game music and such

The Cutting Room Floor has cut content from video games and such

soulhunter12345678.wixsite.com/eriemarchive here is a place of special arts which are my collective friend.

Björn Ottosson's blog

Terminal Overload is a neat video game

hundred rabbits is a cool place by rek and devine

xesite which contains neat blog about Tech and such

The Mattress Nerd's page on polyphasic sleep

Napchart for scheduling sleep :)

Minimalist Baker


Archive Team

H-System Music Theory is a lovely document for musical pitches

revengeofthesunfish.com site of the famed Jinxtengu

this weird little collection of post-collapse info documents!

The Pen Addict this website is fun if you like pens too much

Toaq a cool language

please ask me if you want your website here!!!

This is only the beginning...