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Interests Counter Strike : Source, SSX TRICKY, large metal pipes that contain various chemicals, aviation incident reports, colors you can't see, Pol Martin, Helsinki: Finland
Age Of Empires II: The Age of Kings
Sex You're Mom!!
Location Lentokenttä, born and raised
Engine Source
Michelin Stars 3

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not a lot going on here.. except for me! Hah!

I'm really good at video games, and i'll kick your a*** on counterstrike! think you've got what it takes to join my clan? join my server at

We are currently hosting my NEW map on the server de_dairy.bsp

I can't get the terrorist spawns to work though please contact me on steam if you know how to fix that in hammer. Also if DeagleWolfGod313 is reading this you are NOT allowed in the clan anymore stop asking me. you completely RUINED MY TRUST IN YOU when you DDOSed our previous server we all know it was you, stop contacting me