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Interests Sensation. Downward. Extrapolation.

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Listen closely, because you might be typing this right now. You might be typing this right now into a box. Into a box next to mine. What if you look to your left and there's nothing there? What if you're typing in my box? What then? For this case, I'm here to help you.

Look forward. What do you see? Are there words on the screen? That's a start. Look at them. You will see them here. Left to right, top to bottom. I trust that a translator may adjust these directions as necessary for scripts which follow different conventions.

If one day you are no longer present to read the words you have written in this box, what are you going to do? You want to read the rest of the words you have written. Me, too. Don't worry! You can just finish reading the words right now.

Have you ever thought of things you are?


I'm emi, typing into a box next to mine. I hope you are well.

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