raccoon's zone!

This web is still being woven. Please don't be surprised if it changes from time to time...

who is this for?

our Web is for who wish to play the video game ToonTown Onlineā„  solely in their mind space

for creatures who mess about
and for their own pleasure engage in kindnesses

our friendship is for all who reciprocate it
and who do no harm

for those who gain pleasure from that yous can be

for if the desire to ride atop a steam locomotive is at times so great as to be agonizing

do you wish wish wish to be our friend(s)?
it may or may not be a surprise to you that we wish for the very same thing

what constitutes your desire? would you like to increase your inclusive fitness? would you like to be our friend? would you like to be a collection of friends of ours? would you like to

Would you like to affirm your being in spite? would you like to experience the sensation of willing oneself out from unreality by force of thought?

We would be privileged to take part.

if you appear to be ineligible, contact the responsible parties