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Disgraced Pop Star raccoon

I'm sorry to tell you, but your history books are incorrect. They are all missing a very important chapter--or perhaps historians didn't wish to upset anyone.

raccoon was at one time a world-famous pop musician, with a career rivaling the likes of Johnny Cash, The Beatles, or Big Time Rush. After a relatively short time on the music scene, raccoon had already released countless hits, including classics such as "I Wanna Eat Your Bones (Oh)" and "Untitled".

Unfortunately, due to several emerging scandals involving unfulfilled record deals, The Go-GURT® Incident, and the practice of medicine without a license, raccoon stopped producing music, and eventually faded into obscurity.

In the interest of preserving important music history, we have set aside this page to collect lyrics, memorabilia, and other information on Disgraced Pop Star raccoon.

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Partake in a series of mellifluous reimaginings of critically acclaimed summer single I Wanna Eat Your Bones (Oh)

as well as of "Scone Cave" and "Pickle House" Parts I and II

green group

i discovered green group on my way to windsor ontario in 2008

it was a normal drive when suddenly
on the highway the leader of green group pulled out infront of me and my financial advisor emi who was sitting in the back seat (passenger seat is not big enough for people).

the greens parked in the front of us and got out of their respective car

they started walking up to our window like the coppers so we were about to get going but we were mesemerised by greg (green group leader's) beautiful blue eyes

he went up to my window and leaned up on the window sill with his arms like he owned the place

he said 'you knew around here'

i said what i said
then, just like that, he was gone

but we knew in each heart between us that in a way he was still with us

we started to drive again, bones heavy with our deeds

we never made it to windsor, ontario

but thats another story...